PediaSource’s aim is to return peace of mind back to the parent, freeing them to focus on other aspects of their life with ease and comfort knowing their child has what they need to ensure their success in life. We work to provide parents convenience in having their concerns immediately heard by a specialist with customized solutions for their child’s needs.


With experts across 10 specialties, finding the right expert at the right time is extremely convenient. PediaSource has been able to offer resources to parents in all avenues of pediatric care including child psychology, neuro-psychology, learning, sensory processing, speech language Pathology, sleep/potty training specialists, lactation specialists, IEP and school navigation, parent coaches and more. Those who benefit most from PediaSource’s service are working parents who have found that, thanks to PediaSource, they can lend their focus towards their job without the stress of not knowing if, and what kind of help, their child may need and could be getting. Many organizations and individuals revere PediaSource as the premier service to use for having their questions answered as well as treatment for their child.



Hema Trukenbrod, a clinician with over twenty years of experience in pediatric sensory integration and a mom of two young girls has always been motivated to find ways to empower children. She witnessed clients being frustrated by the roadmaps on the internet that had them 'googling' endlessly for hours and yet not confident enough to sculpt the necessary next steps for their children.
Hema embarked on a mission to research this concern in the hopes of titrating the problem and creating a solution. She discovered several problems: (1) Parents were having difficulty navigating through the immense amount of information that existed on the internet to get them to the 'next steps' needed for their children (2) Parents were waiting too long to get the help they needed for their child (3) Too much time, resources and emotional energy was wasted on seeing the wrong type of specialist or finally getting to the 'right' type of specialist.
Intent to provide families with a solution, Hema created PediaSource with the help of trusting friends and advisers.
"Nothing is simple about solving child behavioral, developmental and learning issues," Trukenbrod says. "But PediaSource.com is built to make things easier."