“Nothing is simple about solving child behavioral, developmental and learning issues,” Trukenbrod says. “But is built to make things easier.”

Hema is the founder of PediaSource, a clinician with over 20 years of experience in pediatric sensory integration and a mom of two young girls. Always staying true to her mission of empowering children, Hema has used her passion and work as a pediatric therapist to transfer her skills into the world of social impact and leadership.

After working in the world of pediatrics for over two decades and being a mom, she discovered this:  That there is so much information on the internet that one piece of information simply leads to yet another door where more information has to be waded through. So she asked the question: Why can't parents have access directly on the phone to specialists for unbiased answers  without the anguish of the wait, the un-necessary appointments, the late night googling?

As a clinician, she witnessed parents being consistently confused by the myriad of perspectives on the behavioral, learning and developmental health landscape and frustrated by the road maps available to them.

As a parent she witnessed other parents confiding in her that they were either feeling hopeless about not knowing what immediate next steps they should take, whom to talk to, upset about having gone to the wrong type of specialists or having to wait too long for the right answers or even feeling the stigma of asking what might be embarrassing questions about their children,  For years, she guided her friends and her clients through the maze of confusing information and mis-information.

In 2016, Hema embarked on a mission to research what was out there in the hopes of titrating the problem and creating a solution. With the help of trusting friends and advisers, she created PediaSource. A website that is a first-of-its-kind technology platform providing one-stop access by phone to experts in all fields that fall under the umbrella of child and teen behavior, learning and development.

With experts across 10 specialties, finding the right expert at the right time is extremely convenient. Areas of expertise include child psychology, neuro-psychology, learning specialists, sensory specialists, speech language specialists, sleep/potty training specialists, lactation specialists, IEP and school navigation, parent coaches and more.

All experts at are leaders in their fields of practice, research, teaching, and the creation of innovative technology.