PediaSource is a first of its kind technology platform that provides convenient access via phone to experts in the areas of Child Behavior, Learning, and Development. (Some examples:  Child Psychology, Neuropsychology, Learning Specialists, Sensory Specialists, Speech Language Specialists, Sleep/Potty Training Specialists, Lactation Specialists, Parent Coaches etc.

Now you can get even your simplest of questions answered.

For too long, parents have spent angst ridden nights or stolen moments between meetings scouring the internet for answers that only get close to what may be the answer to what their child is going through. Often this results in wasted emotions, time and money. Get answers specific to your child from an expert. PediaSource is where families, experts and children come together. Parents have the flexibility to speak to as many kinds of experts needed to help build their team.

From the convenience of your changing location we connect you to experts quickly and safely via the phone. Whether you know the kind of expert you'd like to talk to or not, (i) Fill out the Intake from - Give Us As Much Information About Your Concerns As You Can (this helps the expert have a more effective conversation with you within the time frame you have requested)

If you don't know which expert might best fit your needs it is probably best for you to talk to a multidisciplinary expert to help guide you.

If you do know what type of expert/specialist you need choose from our list. Tell us What times you're available (ii) You'll need a credit card to simply hold the requests (cards are NOT charged until the call is connected) (iii) You will be notified of your connection to an expert via email.

PediaSource experts are leaders in their fields.  They have 10-20 years of experience as clinicians, researchers, educators, specialists, and creators of innovative technology.  We have behavior, learning, and development experts who focus on families with newborns to middle school children, as well as those that focus on middle school through high school.  From lactation to learning skills; from developmental milestones to high school anxieties; our experts have the breadth of expertise and experience to address your questions and concerns.

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(i) Walk away with knowing what next steps you should take for your child (ii) Have questions to answers like: Is this a Phase or a Problem? Does my child need therapy? What kind of specialist should I take my child see? Are you the kind of specialist I need to see? What does is typically cost to see someone like you? How long might my child need to see someone like you? Is the specialist I am seeing now the right fit for my child? Do I need another kind of specialist on my team? What skills do you evaluate when we come to see you? Should the person evaluating my child be the one to treat him/her? What does a [type of] therapist do ?

You can schedule a session for as long or as little as you like. Typical PediaSessions are 20,40 or 60 minutes long. If an expert is available you may extend any session for as long as you need.  Your charge is calculated per minute post your scheduled call.

If your expert is available beyond your scheduled call, you may extend your call. All calls are billed incrementally at $2/minute after the scheduled time request. You can also set up another PediaSession to discuss additional concerns.

Step 1: Click on “Schedule a PediaSession”.
Step 2: Fill out an intake form. If you know which type of expert you would like to connect with, select the department in the dropdown menu. Not sure which expert you need - select “I need guidance” and one of our multi-disciplinary experts can guide you.

After you schedule a PediaSession you will receive an email with information on how to access the call with your expert at your scheduled time. Please make yourself available at least a minute or two before your scheduled time.

Breathe a sigh of relief. You are well on your way to getting your child the help that he or she needs. After the PediaSession we will send you an email asking for your feedback to help us ensure we are keeping with our mission to empower families and work towards your child's success.

We accept all major credit cards. Credit Cards are pre-authorized but not charged at the time your requests for a connection are made. Your card is used to hold the time you request and will not be charged until you are connected with an expert. You can request 20, 40, or 60 minute sessions. Any overages are billed in minute increments.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a PediaSession, please provide us with at least 24-hours notice via email. This way, our experts will be able to adjust their schedules to accommodate other clients. We hope you understand that PediaSource is committed to providing our communities access to Experts they might not get otherwise, this helps us with our mission.

If you experience an echo, trying decreasing the volume or using a headset. If using a speaker, please be sure there are no microphones in the immediate vicinity. If technical issues persist please contact us.