Aimi P.

  • DISCIPLINES AND CREDENTIALSCertified by: Sleep, Baby, Sleep in both newborn and pediatric sleep training.
  • AREAS OF SPECIALTYPediatric sleep training
    Eliminating sleep props
    Improving night time sleep
    Introducing day schedules and routines
    Nap training
    Overcoming regressions in sleep caused by sickness, developmental milestones, travel
    Travel sleep plans
    Gentle sleep training
    Minimal or no cry solutions
    Personalized sleep plans
  • BIOGRAPHYMs. Aimi works with families, from as early as being pregnant through to 5 years olds, to help improve their children’s sleep or to get them on track with healthy sleep habits. Whether eliminating sleep props or getting a little one past a regression in sleep after hitting a bump in the road, she supports parents to implement a plan she has prepared for their child. Her caring approach is aided by being a mother of 3 daughters herself and knowing that each child is different and has individual needs. Therefore before providing a plan, she ensures she has full understanding of the sleep trouble, your child’s personality and your parenting style. All key components to ensure success when working together. She will not recommend any sleep training methods you are not comfortable with and will always avoid “ cry it out”. Her goal is for all children to understand that their sleep space is a happy and safe place to be, which results in happy parents.